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Gwell Crefft Na Golud - Better a Craft than Gold

Ewenny Pottery

Ewenny Pottery is unique. We are a small pottery that has been in the same family for at least eight generations,tradition tells us that our ancestors have been throwing pots here since the C18th. However the earliest record of a pottery on this site is 1427. It is history in the making, the potters craft passed down from generation to generation and we continue that tradition today making beautiful hand thrown glazed earthenware pottery for use in the home.We welcome visitors from near and far and we can be viewed practising our craft in the workshop whilst the finished wares are available to purchase in our shop.
Ewenny Pottery is situated on the outskirts of the village Ewenny, near the town of Bridgend, South Wales. Records show there have been fifteen potteries in the Ewenny area at one time or another, all having been small family concerns, this was due to the materials being readily available, local red clay formed the pots, glaze materials to finish the wares, stone to build the kilns and coal to fire the pots. Now only two potteries remain, Ewenny and Claypits.


Ewenny Pottery Ewenny Bridgend Wales CF35 5AP    Tel. 01656 653020